Keithville boy born without brain dies at 12

Why should we change this world today?
(Those soft fragile eggshell minds)
When we can smash ‘em at will or let ‘em decay?
(Those young fragile eggshell minds)
We’ll keep them well-fed with our poisionous crumbs
(Those soft fragile eggshell minds)
And they’ll keep their heads up our ass to see where our shit comes from
(Those young fragile eggshell minds)

What Men Are Really Saying When Catcalling Women
Where Americans smoke marijuana the most

Dust enters into all being / And man who came from dust, to dust shall he return

Language School Blogger Fired for Writing About Homophones
Police respond to report of gun, Northampton man tells officers only 'guns' present are his biceps

When asked by police if he was in possession of any weapons, the resident responded that the only “guns” present were his biceps, the Daily Hampshire Gazette reports. Then the man proceeded to flex his muscles for the officers.


Bill Orcutt is on another level with evil and hypnotizing guitar music



We’ve come to expect impossible, even improbable standards of beauty to populate our magazines and our television shows. It’s another thing entirely to find they’ve invaded our workplace.

Watch Vox’s full video to see the many other ways these unrealistic beauty standards effect where we work.